Monday, March 24, 2014

Back to Spring Cleaning

The last bit of machine sewing resulted in a satisfying number of empty spools.
I do enjoy using my stash of resources.

I sent a swatch sample to the SDA Swatch Collection.
It is a piece of bed-sheet that was wrapped around a maple tree for over a year. I stitched it with the colours I observed on the tree during the February new moon.

Then I  went back to getting my studio in order.
 It was only while following this urge to clean up that it hit me  - I have spring-fever.

Amber, our son's girlfriend, gave me this delicious yarn last Christmas. She bought it in a Melbourne market cause it looked like me, she said.
Hand spun, hand dyed, chunky Australian merino wool by Hawthorne Cottage -

I wound it into a ball and put it out to wait for it to tell me what it wants to be.
While cleaning up I came across this piece of light-weight silk. 
It said it wanted to be with Amber's yarn.
Now they sit there together - waiting.


Margaret said...

Do I dare click on that link? It could be trouble... ;-) Have fun with that great yarn/fabric combo...I know you will!

Lesley Turner said...

I can not be held responsible for what happens should you click on that link