Thursday, March 20, 2014

Synesthesia #23 Orange-yellow #2

I had to make another #23 because a friend bought the 1st one I made.
This time I used the cut-back applique technique.

I like using worn clothing in my work.
My old brown linen pants are just the right colour.
I am waiting for the day when I cut out a piece of fabric from the garment I am wearing because it is just what I am looking for.

Here are the fabrics I selected.
Ooooooow - Goggle's 'auto correct' makes them look off.

This is the 2nd go, I must confess. The first one had to be rejected because I stacked the fabrics in the reverse order. Am I making these mistakes because I didn't stitch much while I was studying and I have to get my brain up and firing in a different way again?

Viola - Synesthesia # 23 Orange-yellow, again.
It is hanging in the Tulista Gallery in Sidney, in the Small Expressions exhibitions, on until the end of March.

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