Saturday, April 19, 2014

Auction House Lot- Finland Arabia, Russian plate, textiles

There was a collection of other things in the box I won at the auction.
A large printed table cloth and 2 plates....

One is a rather lovely painted, wooden plate from Russia (I'm guessing) and a Finnish Arabia plate, produced between 1971 and 1975.

...and this odd assortment.

These crocheted kitchen items were made using interesting techniques.

There was a collection of airline cutlery, most of the airlines now defunct. The previous owner appears to have had plans to polish all of the 'silver.' Yah for plastic airline cutlery, unless one likes 'polishing the silver.'
And that is it - all for $5!


Nicole said...

A crocheted bottle cap trivet! The one in the house I grew up in was purple but otherwise identical.

Lesley Turner said...

Thank you very much for the insight on the crocheted item. I need to go look at it again. Yours would have been a bunch of grapes I presume.