Monday, May 12, 2014

Down to the Bog

I am trying some more dyeing in the environment. 
First I pre-mordanted a wool blanket in alum and cream of tarter but I'm not sure I had to do that.
Then I headed outside, negotiated the right distance to walk around this family without being attacked, and went on into the forest...

...down to the bog.
 I dropped the blanket into the water...

...and stomped on it.

The idea is to leave it for up to a year with occasional liftings to oxidise what is going on.
It is an old Scandinavian technique for getting shades of black on wool.

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marny said...

That sounds so interesting. Too bad one has to wait a year to get the results, but I imagine they will be quite spectacular. You'll have to be sure to the meantime, we'll be waiting!!!