Saturday, June 14, 2014

Projects' Progress

The Fairy Ring mushrooms, lichens and bark had been wrapped in a wool blanket for over month.
It was time to take the bundle down to the pond and unwrap it.

Looking good but rather smelly.
It needed a good wash.

Some interesting marks I could work with.

My Garden Tower after a week.
We will be eating the arugula and celery next week.

My garden partner planted his tower this week.
He opted to plant mostly seeds.


Laura said...

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the close up picture of the blanket. There are some lovely "marks" for sure.
I'm wondering how you washed it.

Lesley Turner said...

The blanket has had a number of washings in the machine on the wool cycle with Orvus Paste and been air dried outside. It will now have to wait until I decide how to use it.
Do hope you are finding your work inspiring.