Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Wedding Shawls

The bride wanted to give her bridesmaids and brother's girlfriend shawls to wear in case things got a bit chilly standing on top of the mountain.
She asked me to make them. I was delighted.
First the sampling with white mohair.

Blocking the sample.

I knit a sample shawl on the bias using a Church Mouse pattern.
It was decided the pattern worked but the yarn was too woolly. 
So I had to go to the yarn store - oh dear.

We settled on a kid mohair/silk mix in colours matching the dresses.
Seven shawls, plus the sample one, were completed in good time. But I had to watch lots of movies on TV to get in the necessary number of knitting hours each week, to meet the deadline.

Here is Amber wearing her shawl.  Each time I saw her over the evening she was wearing it a different way. She made her dress too. She's such a clever girl.

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