Monday, February 23, 2015

Studio - Construction - Crawlspace Foundation

It is always exciting when I look out the window and see yet another big truck arrive. What will it be doing today?

This one backed up close to the construction site then extended out the back a movable conveyor belt.

The driver stood on the crawlspace foundation and operated a remote controller. He directed a chute with a wet gravelly mix onto the floor. Dave and Jeff are ready with rakes in hand.

Jeff spreads the mix out to make it even.

Then he works a compactor over it to make it hard.

Here is the crawlspace foundation ready for the floor to be installed.

All of this concrete will act as a heat sink as its mass will slowly absorb heat over the summer. It will slowly release that heat over the winter. That stored heat will radiate upward into the studio where and when it is needed, i.e. to keep me warm while I am working.
The orientation of the building and the shape of the crawlspace floor is designed to follow the contours of the land. Minimal digging was needed for the foundation and the building will fit snuggly into the sloping site.

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