Friday, February 20, 2015

Studio - Construction - Foundation Insulation

Here is Jeff adding insulation and waterproofing to the wall down the centre of the crawl space. There is a black sticky waterproof layer between the foam and the concrete. Concrete is porous. It needs a waterproof barrier to stop water from wicking up from the ground and out of the sides of the wall and into the crawl space floor.
Concrete is strong but it is a poor insulator. Jeff is nailing closed cell insulation foam panels to the interior wall to stop the cold from the ground working its way up the wall and out into the crawl space.

This is the crawl space floor drain. The hot water tank will be located directly under the sink, in the crawlspace. This drain is a safety feature, in case the hot water tank fails.

A roll of fabric on a construction site? Who knew?

But before I could think of how I could use this fabric it was being put in place under the perimeter drain pipes. Its job is to stop plant roots from growing into the pipe in search of water then blocking the drain.

I hear lots of power tools being used throughout the day, but the hammer still seems to be the carpenter's main tool.

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