Monday, March 30, 2015

Studio Construction: Walls

The walls are going up quickly.

The carpenters frame up a section add plywood then raise it up.
The plywood gives the wall rigidity and strength while reducing the amount of lumber needed in the frame.

Framing up in the crawl space.
It rained a lot before the floor above went down and the crawlspace is still very wet.
I had a couple of sessions sweeping water out.

The yellow header board above every window and door frame is an engineered product called Glue-Lam. Blue sheet foam insulation is placed on both sides of the header because wood transmits heat more than air so the headers are places that need to be well insulated.

The header boards are made from many layers of slices of wood glued together. They are stronger than solid wood so less framing is needed over the windows and doors. These Glue-Lam boards use smaller trees so, in theory, the biggest trees are left standing. They don't twist like timber tends to so there is very little waste on site when it is used. 

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