Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Studio Construction: Work Inside and Outside

Ron and I have the job of digging the trench to hold conduit for services from the house to the studio.

Unfortunately, the trench passes between a large Douglas-fir tree and the house. It is my job to dig around the trees roots while making the trench. The roots I come across are the uphill ones which are the most important for holding the tree upright on the slope. I take care not to damage them while using small tools and my hands to clear away the soil.

Meanwhile, Ron uses big tools to dig out the bulk of the trench.

The work on cladding the building continues and we watch as it seems to be visually disappearing into the forest.
The building code requires the 2 walls near the house to be fireproof, which was one of the reasons we went with metal cladding.

The inside is ready for the next stage. A delivery truck dropped off sheets of drywall....

...tape and mud.
We had considered lining the inside with other materials but decided the fireproof feature of drywall made it the lining of choice.

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