Thursday, December 17, 2015

Backyard Project - Phase 2 About to Begin

Phase 2 of the Backyard project is about to begin so I took a lot of 'before' photos.
What is left from the studio construction are 2 piles of untreated wood sorted by length. The left hand 'short' pile is firewood for this winter. The 'long' pile will have to be cut before it will fit in the fireplaces.
Also, the rough gravel construction pad for vehicles and materials is left. In some areas, the gravel will be scrapped off and used elsewhere but most of it will be incorporated into the design as is.

The service track coming into the backyard area will be reduced in length and width, but will again be used by construction crews.

Ron and I laid out rough lines of where structures will be built, as guides for the earthworks.

I used wool to mark out the shapes of the 3 hugelkultur beds. 

The trees that were cut down to make a clearing for the house and lawn 12 years ago will finally be put to good use.

I have piled up the ornamental river stone in preparation for using it in a more functional way.
I enjoy walking around visualising how it is all going to look in 3 to 5 years.

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