Monday, December 21, 2015

Backyard Project - Phase 2 - More 'Before' Shots

The mound in the distant left is the top soil that was taken off the backyard area and kept separate. I scattered 10 different types of seeds over the mound and left them to grow as a green mulch to be dug into the soil when it is moved again. They will add nitrogen and organic material making it a richer soil.
To the right of the mound is a garden of transplanted plants waiting to be moved again once the new beds are made. They had to be hand watered over our very dry summer. All of them survived and put on a season of growth.

I marked out the studio beds with plastic tape and started to build up the soil with paper, horse manure, coffee grounds and shredded garden cuttings.

The arcade down the front side of the studio has badly compacted soil after all of the construction activity, but it is not a problem because we don't want anything to grow there. It is a path and will be covered with gravel. The arcade roof will stop a lot of the rain reaching this area so any plantings would have suffered from winter drought. Even with these anti-growth conditions a few tenacious plants have popped up to do their soil repair job.

The bank on the right is all fill and will need a retaining wall. 

We removed the hot tub with the idea of putting the water and power to a better use because this is the sunniest and hottest place in the whole backyard.

A thick layer of shredded garden trimmings has been laid where future raised beds will be built.

We continue to build up the layers in Gunilla's Garden while soil organisms are hard at work doing their job.
We are ready for the excavator to arrive.

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