Saturday, September 3, 2016

Backyard Project: Slugs and Trench Composting

Attempted break out

After it has rained I go out to do slug patrol. I collect slugs from the garden beds then relocate them to the pond. My sister says they are a good protein for ducks.

I tried another method to build up the soil - Trench Composting.
Kitchen waste was put in a trench dug the length of the garden bed. When it was full I covered it with soil. It is a no sweat technique but it did look unattractive, especially with this bed located right next to where we sit outside. Also, various animals regularly visited the trench at night. I don't want them getting comfortable coming that close to the back door. In hindsight, this was not the best garden bed to try the trench compost technique in.

So I went back to the lasagne method layering 'brown then green.' I added layers of shredded prunings and harvested 'weeds.'

A layer of coffee grounds with their combined green and brown, was added on top.

Rough 'n' loose.
This is the kitchen bed. I want the soil to be high in organic matter and I will keep it damp. This is where I will plant some of the few annuals in the backyard garden - salad greens, parsley, basil and other food plants I will pick from often.

Now to leave the bed to let the soil organisms do their job. I just need to keep the soil damp for them. The soil thermometer will tell me how much action there is. The soil temperature started at 64 degrees F and needs to get up into the green zone at least. I will lightly turn the soil each week to stimulate the break down of material.
Another soil bed is on its way to becoming productive.

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