Saturday, September 24, 2016

While the garden grows I am at work in my studio...

While the garden grows I am at work in my studio.

A new work. 
The challenge - how to express what is the province of Alberta on one double-sided panel?
I decided to depict the diversity of landforms in the province - landforms shaped by glacial and tectonic processes.
The schematic with a beginning sample. 

I decided to focus on the interlocking shapes of the different regions and I felt colour would be a distraction. I auditioned a variety of different unbleached cottons from my stash. I selected mainly handwoven cottons from India. I washed these fabrics and lightly tumbled them dry to allow their different weaves to naturally collapse into wrinkles unique to each cloth.
Cutting out the shapes.

Problem - how to make a neat double-sided join?
Solution - couching hand-made jute braid from India that I just happen to have in my stash, patiently waiting until needed.

The different landform shapes have been joined.
Yes, the landform edges do need more definition.

Hmmm, not sure about the outline. Is it too dark? Too wide? Does the whole panel need a wider border?

I added a border of a wider jute braid.

Nope - I don't like the way the outline of each shape takes away from the feeling of the different landform regions being related to each other. So I unpicked all of the braid on both sides.
I sewed on a much thinner jute braid.

Much better. 
Now to block the whole panel just enough to make it hang straight while not flattening out the natural landform wrinkles.
I think this must be the first work I have made without the use of my trusty irons.

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