Sunday, October 30, 2016

Backyard Project: Finally the Powder Man

The next step in the blasting process was the arrival of this machine to move the blast mats to the blast site. 
The driver is Aaron Yager, Yager Construction, the owner of the construction company working on phase 3 of the Backyard project. They also worked on phase 1 of the Backyard project - the construction of The Green Shed, my studio.

Another vehicle drove up the back track and put out these serious looking signs, one out next to the road and the other a flip-down one on the vehicle.

This is the explosive powder, urea nitrate. 
It can also be used as a fertiliser!

The blast mats were stacked beside the rock to be blasted.

This is the lump of granite that needs to be reduced so we can build on it.

This is the Powder Man and his assistant. Here he is using a steel rod to push what looks like string down into the previously drilled holes. His assistant is taking all of the strings and twisting them together.

The Powder Man pours a measured amount of the powder into each hole. Next, the blast mats are stacked on top of the rock. We all stand well back. The warning signals blast out.

This is the tagline of the blasting company. I love it because that is exactly how it happened.

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