Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Backyard Project: Next Came the Driller

The driller drove his specialised, high-tech machine right up to the blast site.
He used a steel rod to measure distances before spraying a circle of orange paint.

He put on ear protection then began to operate his machine.

Over each circle, he drilled a hole into the rock. It was so noisy and dusty. The windows and walls of the house were getting covered in a fine dust. I rushed to close all of the windows but Ron knew what was going to happen and had closed the house up before me.

He moved his machine down to the second area to be blasted and drilled.
I was pleased to have confirmed the paths I had designed were indeed wide enough for smaller vehicles to travel along.

The driller inserted a red plastic cup into each hole

Then he left, with his machine.

He left behind two piles of finely ground granite where he emptied his machine. I gathered up this dust and sprinkled half of it on all of the new garden beds. I figured it was so finely ground it wouldn't take too long for the plants to be able to access these in-situ minerals.

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