Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Backyard Project: BOOM. DONE. AGAIN.

After the rock was broken up on the first site the blast mats were removed and moved to the second site.
This first site is where a tool shed and a garden shed are to be built, beside the garage.

Aaron carefully lifted the mats over the Gravel Bed garden without damaging anything.

Then tracked along the path around the Gravel bed garden to position the mats on top of the second explosion site.

This is the wire that links to all of the drilled hole full of explosive and wire. It is long so the Powder Man can step well away from the site before he pushes the button.


This is the second site after Aaron removed the blast mats and dug up the broken rock with his digger. As a friend said, "Now to deal with the bits." Yes, it will be a chore but I have plans for them, according to their size. When I told Aaron this he said, "Why am I not surprised?" I have no idea what he meant.
This site had a small mound of granite preventing it being made into a level ground for the construction of a pergola. Now that problem is solved the construction of the structures can begin.
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