Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Backyard Project - Making and Pouring Concrete

This Arbutus overlooks all of the activity in the backyard.
This year it has a magnificent crop of berries - they are plentiful and large. 
The tree is alive with birds feasting.

Josh gets the power tools ready for the day's work.
I think the blue one is a generator and the one with wheels will drive the cement mixer.

A saw with its own fancy cutting table.

The cement mixer is placed beside the bags of cement that got delivered the day before.

The concrete has been made and put in place.
Not sure what Josh is doing with those boards.

The concrete is being levelled off then left to set.

All that work for this. 
The wooden formwork has been removed and the holes filled in. 
All that shows is the part the post will be attached to.

There must be another delivery coming soon.

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