Saturday, November 26, 2016

Backyard Project vs. Studio Work

You might think with all of my postings about the Backyard Project that not much is going on in my studio. 

Here are some pics to show that I am working in my studio...

...until there is action outside.
Delivery of the cement.

This is an impressive little 3-wheeled forklift.
It was easily able to manoeuvre along the paths to drop off its load conveniently close to the job site.

These bags of cement will be mixed to make the concrete footings for the propagation room.

I have checked everything out. Now I can go back inside my studio to the work in hand.
The first school report I ever got had the comment "Lesley is easily distracted." 
As a 5-year old I had to ask my mother what that meant. 
Her answer, "If someone came to the door of the classroom you would look up." 
My reply, "Well how would I know who came to the door?" 
I guess that teacher nailed it, all those years ago.

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