Saturday, December 10, 2016

Backyard Project: Cedar Deer Fence

There is a temporary, 8-foot high, wire, deer fence between the house and the Green Shed.

I was excited to see Josh and Taylor with their tape measure out over by the temporary deer fence.

Deer Fence Discussion Time

Taylor has dug the post holes. 
Digging anywhere on the construction site is such a hard job because there are so many buried angular rocks left over from blasting the foundations for the house.
It is getting dark not long after the construction crew has finished for the day. There is no daylight time left for me to go out and garden after they have gone. Winter is coming.

Another delivery - materials for the 8-foot high, permanent, cedar, deer fence.

Josh checks off the items: sono tube to support the wet concrete, cement for the footings, cedar planks for the fence.

Taylor mixed the cement then shovelled it into the sono tubes.
Now to wait for the cement to set.

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