Monday, January 23, 2017

Backyard Project: 19 Footings for a Pergola and an Arbour

A pergola and an arbour are 2 of the 5 structures that make up Phase 3 of the Backyard Project.
It took a lot of hard physical labour by Josh and Taylor to dig into the compacted rocky ground to make holes for 19 footings. Each hole is then fitted with a wooden box to contain the concrete and reinforcing steel to make the concrete strong. It is called the formwork.

It is hard to see but the Resident-engineer is working with the construction Lead Carpenter to make all of those decisions about exactly where the footings need to be located.

All in place: Surveyed string guidelines and offset pegs, formwork with a section of sono-tube fitted inside, plastic bags to keep the rain out of the formwork.

The square on the right is the pergola site. The L-shaped boxes define the arbour which goes around the Gravel Bed garden.
Now to wait for the cement truck.

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