Monday, February 13, 2017

Backyard Project: 3 Garden Structures Currently Being Worked on

Garden Structure One. Kyle has set up a work area to make formwork.

The forms are stacked on the patio near where the Garden Sheds are to be built.

Garden Structure 2. Another delivery of lumber is carefully unloaded...

...then stacked under the arbour and protected by a tarpaulin. A temporary tarpaulin roof further protects the stacked lumber from the heavy rains.
The lumber will be used to make the Propagation Room.

Garden Structure 3. Taylor has spent days digging a trench in the rocky ground from the new Pergola ... the nearest source of power. 
The electrician arrived and installed the cable and the power outlet on the nearest pergola post.

Taylor took great care while he was digging to keep the different soils separate. The power cable has been laid and he is now just as carefully replacing the soil in the right order back in the garden bed.
I was interested to see just how deep the topsoil layer in the Rock Garden beds has become after building it up over the past 3 seasons. It will be ready to plant with perennials in the spring.

Work is currently going on in 3 different sites. It is Josh, the team leader, who keeps the supplies coming, decides on the tasks each day and keeps his team working efficiently. He is doing a great job.

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