Monday, February 27, 2017

BackYard Project: The Big Pour Happens on a Snowy Day

The Big Pour Day
Taylor and a Pumper Truck crew member.

Earlier in the week Josh and Taylor worked on constructing the formwork for the concrete walls of the Garden Sheds and yard.

At the end of each day, when the construction site was quiet, I would walk around the now defined spaces. It was the first time I could see exactly where each shed is located and I could visualise a clearer picture of how I would use the space.

During the week the temperatures dropped and we got a sprinkle of snow.

Josh and Taylor had to cover the formwork to keep rain and snow from filling the wall spaces.

Early one morning this appeared at the front door.

It was another City Concrete Pumping truck only this one had the pump pipe attached to a large, folded-up crane.

While Josh and Taylor cleared away all of the plastic covers....

...the pump truck operator set up the truck.
Four legs came out of the sides to rest on squares of wood.

The legs lengthened to lift the truck wheels up off the ground. My guess is it was so the truck wouldn't bounce around on the rubber tires when it lifted the load. Or maybe the legs had to be that long to make the truck bed level because the driveway is sloped.

The operator buckled on his remote controller and started unfolding the crane.

Here he is dressed for the cold day with his high-vis safety gear on over top.

He is guiding the crane up to its full height in between the trees.

The cement truck arrived and backed up the driveway... couple up with the back of the pumper truck.

The cement was pumped up the white hose on the crane and into the flexible, dangling black hose with its end crimped closed.

The crane was guided up over the garage while the crew stood ready.

And the cement pour began. 
Teamwork - The crane, hose and cement flow controller, the cement hose guide, the lookout on the left....

...the air pocket removers.
While Josh (left) holds the weight of the suction pump hose motor Taylor (right) pushes the suction end in and out of the freshly poured cement to remove the largest air pockets.

That was The Big Pour Day.

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