Friday, March 31, 2017

Backyard Project: 2 Sheds With 1 Roof - Naming the Spaces

If you have been following the construction of this building you are likely to have been confused about its configuration. 
Naming the Spaces
Looking at the potting area

Looking at the doorway to one shed and where firewood is to be stacked

Looking north, the building is tucked in behind the garage

Looking at the entrance to the 2nd shed and the space for shelving

Potting area on the left, project bench on the right

All under one roof. View looking south-west.
The north wall of the garage and this roof are part of the deer fence/barrier. I'm not convinced the deer won't try to leap up onto the roof and then jump down into the shed area. People reassure me they won't. Hmm...

Now the plywood is in place it is easier to see the spaces.
Shed doorway with firewood storage on the right.

Back shed with a storage area where the orange ladder is leaning.
Is it clear now how the different spaces fit together?

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