Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Back yard Project: Eagerly Anticipated Shed Cladding Begins

It was a big day when the cladding crew arrived. It was the same crew who worked on the studio and did such an excellent job.
The first stage of the job is the most time consuming and detailed.

Nortek Exteriors is the great company we have worked with.

All of the edge pieces need to be measured, cut, shaped and secured in place. 

The design of the 2 sheds has many corners to test the skill level of the crew but they have proven they are up to the job.

Every power outlet needs its own little box constructed around it.
Sheet metal workers are trained to cut, shape and attach metal in a wide variety of applications including cladding aeroplanes and making cooling and heating ducting systems. It is most interesting to watch them at work with their wide variety of tools - hand and electrical.

The first of many corners is clad.

On to cutting the steel sheets to fit. 
Sheet metal workers need to have strong spatial skills including the ability to read lines making positive and negative shapes.

Whoo hoo! The first interior wall is clad - now all of the corners and edges have been covered.

My potting area has its interior cladding.
Meanwhile, Josh is working in wood tidying up the cladding of the house where more of the foundations have been exposed.

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