Monday, July 17, 2017

Backyard Project: Moving Rocks Between a New Garden Bed and a Path

Josh is at work in the small Bobcat carrying a large rock in the bucket. This rock originated from the other side of the Bobcat in the now pergola area when a much larger rock was blasted and broken up.

I am directing which rock I wanted to be placed where while trying to stay well back from the Cat.

I have 3 sticks, each a different length, to mark out 3 different widths of paths. This stick is the longest and marks paths the lawn tractor and trailer will travel along.

I mark out the edges of paths with bright orange yarn held in place with small rocks. Josh can't see this yarn which is why I have the job of directing him. We should have gone over some standard hand signals before we started the job but somehow we communicated...

...and Josh was able to place the rocks to my satisfaction.

The new line of rocks viewed from the east side. They mark the curve of the path coming in from the gate and are the boundary of a bonus garden that I have already started to develop. With these end-rocks in place, I can continue layering green and brown materials to make soil and continue defining the boundary between the garden path and the garden bed with smaller blasted rocks.

Josh next moved over to the other side of the pergola to place a few rock to create a balance with the line of bigger rocks. This image shows how tight a space Josh had to work in. He did very well not bumping the pergola posts.
Another task is completed.

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