Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Backyard Project: Gravel from a Quarry for the Paths

We are at the stage in the Backyard Project where we need gravel to make the paths. It is a stage I am more than ready for. With the construction in its last stages, I want things tidied up. I know having the paths in place will make a big difference to the look of the place.

While using my 3 different length sticks I have gone around marking out the edges of the paths.

Here is the engineer pacing out the paths and doing gravel quantities calculations.

We visited the first quarry but they are very short on stock and didn't have what we wanted.

We visited a much bigger quarry with a greater variety of gravel. 

It is all about the size of the rocks, measured as an average: 3/8ths crushed or 1/2" washed etc. There are many different types of gravel to serve different purposes.

This quarry recycles concrete and drywall from construction sites mixing it in with freshly quarried rock to make special mixes for the roading contractors. We found out the roading contractors are very busy this month and this quarry has a contract to have a certain amount of a specific type of gravel for the roading contractors to come and pick up anytime.

Old asphalt crushed and re mixed for reuse.

For me, it was all about the sound the gravel made when I walked on it. I stomped on a lot of different piles.
We found what we were looking for and went to the weigh office to place the order. The deliveries are scheduled for 3 days time. Whoo hoo.

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