Friday, August 25, 2017

Backyard Project: Pattern Language: #243 Sitting Wall Guides the Pergola Design

Another delivery of lumber for  a new project - Pergola seating

Brace support for a bench around the perimeter of the Pergola.
Pattern Language #243 Sitting Wall
Problem "In many places walls and fences between outdoor spaces are too high, but no boundary at all does injustice to the subtlety of the divisions of spaces." p. 1125.

Somewhere along the edge between the Pergola and the Arbour, "there is a need for a seam,  a place which unites the two, but does so without breaking down the fact that they are separate places. If there is a high wall or hedge, then people in the [pergola] have no way of being connected to the [arbour path]; the people in the [arbour] have no way of being connected to the [pergola]. But if there is no barrier at all - then the division between the two is hard to maintain." p.1125. 
Without a low wall it would feel uncomfortable sitting in the Pergola because one would have the feeling of being unprotected - a 'sitting duck'.

Josh continues to demonstrate his high level of wood working skill.

'The problem can only be solved by a kind of barrier which functions as a barrier which separates, and as a seam which joins at the same time." p.1126.

"A low wall or balustrade, just at the right height for sitting, is perfect. it creates a barrier which separates. But because it invites people to sit on it - invites them to sit first with their legs on one side, then with their legs on top, then to swivel around still further to the other side, or to side astride it - it also functions as a seam, which makes a positive connection between the two places." p. 1126.
The two different ground materials also help to define the separate rooms while at the same time the materials are connected by their common local source.

Dave applies a coat of sealer to protect the horizontal surface from moisture damage.
The Pattern Language is very specific about the height and width of a low wall for it to be successful. It needs to be 16 inches high and at least 12 inches wide.
This low wall/bench seat has made a big difference to the whole feel of this part of the backyard. It feels much more complete. The Pergola and even the Arbour feel more grounded.

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