Saturday, September 2, 2017

Garden Report: The First Flowers in May

At the end of May, the first flowers bloomed in the garden.
I had planted lupines around every tree because they are one of the best-known plants for working together with rhizobia who fix nitrogen from the air and make it available to nearby plants.

Chives were also an early flower.

The comfrey plants were already getting large so it was time to cut them back.

The cut leaves quickly wilt and decay providing valuable minerals to the soil.

With so many new beds I haven't been able to plant very many of them yet the bees are visiting looking for food. It was for the bees and other nectar seeking insects that I left a lot of comfrey plants to flower.

The bees love comfrey flowers and were too busy to stop for a quick photo op.
Next spring I plan to have a greater variety of flowers to attract a greater variety of insects.

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