Monday, November 12, 2012

'Home' Installed With 'Continuum' in Oakville

With this 2nd installation of my graduation work 'Home' I was unable to suspend the frame from the ceiling. I had to modify the work to fit the challenging space in the Oakville Town Hall.

I used 2 of the 4 sheets to make a bed.

And added a plain pillow with a treat.

This installation was also different in that the stitching on both sheets is complete. One year of each tree's biological processes has been recorded chromatically on cloth.

I put the book documenting the process on a chair beside the bed.

Two different installations of the same work responding to two different spaces.
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Gina said...

Fascinating to see it working in the two different spaces. I rather like the bed.

Lesley Turner said...

I was pleased the bed worked. Good to hear you like it that way.

Judy Martin said...

Both installations are fabulous, Lesley.