Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Rainy Season on Vancouver Island

There are really only 2 seasons on Vancouver Island - the wet season and the dry season.

Here are the dates of the first rain - the beginning of the wet season - over the past few years.
2014 - September 17
2015 - August 28
2016 - August 30

October 2016 it rained 27 days out of 31.
It has been the 2nd wettest October since 1940.

All of this rain has been a real test for the drainage systems in the new back yard. I am pleased to report there has been no sign of water in the sunken Gravel Bed garden. This time last year it looked like we were building a swimming pool.

And the hugelkultur beds seem to be absorbing all the rain they can get without any surface erosion.

I am very glad I left the garden beds either covered in big-leafed plants or a thick layer of straw as protection from the impact of all those raindrops on the soil.

The Backyard project Phase 3 construction began the last week of September when the old deck was taken off. And work has continued throughout one of the wettest seasons on record. Rain doesn't stop the work but it slows things down, things get very muddy and it can't be as much fun as working on a sunny day.

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