Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stained Table Cloth

The table cloth has been washed and ironed so now i can see the extent of the staining.
There are lots of pink and black areas.

...and a few holes. I like this area where there is a mended hole and now more holes beside it need repairing....

...or not.
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silverarrow said...

That is a difficult one! Do you still have it? I know there are people who can restore the most worn and ruined items to former glory, however it takes time, patience and careful handeling. For an amateur it takes a bit of research to know how to replace threads in the textile.

If it was originally all white cotton or linen it can be put in water with oxygen based bleach. It might take a few treatments of different sorts to get rid of stains like vinegar, citric acid (the type you buy at the grocery store). Don`t ever put old textiles in chlorine bleach. There are special treatments for rust stains.

Oxygen based bleaching powders are good. All white textiles of linen and cotton can soak for 24 hours, rinse carefully and new soak. You get very far with 2 or 3 days soak in hot water. Don`t use hot iron on it until the cloth is to be used.


silverarrow said...


Did you ever get anywhere with the old table cloth?


Lesley Turner said...

hi Silverarrow - thanks for all of the great sounding advice but for this cloth I was working to get organic stains - the equivalent of food stains on the table cloth to comment on women's work and how it is sacrificed to protect others and their things.